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Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Mid-week Tutorial - How to make a Watermark for your photos..

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How to make a Watermark for your photos!

For this tutorial I will be using an editing program called that is available to download free from HERE.  And this technique should be easily adaptable to other editing programs.

You will need –
Photo(s) of a card or project (for this example I am going to use this gorgeous card I made using The Crafty Pad Designs digital image Lulu Blowing Bubbles)
An editing program such a
Optional an image to include in your watermark – for this example I am using The CraftyPad Designs digital image called Flourish from the Rose and Swirl Flourish set.

1. Open and start a new document by selecting NEW from the FILE drop down menu.  A new window box will open and ask you the size you would like for you new document.  
2. Uncheck the Maintain Aspect Ratio box.
3. Change the value amount in the resolution box to 99.00 pixels/inch
4. Change the values in the PRINT size section to WIDTH 5.0 (inches) and HEIGHT 2.5
Your new document should look like this. 
PIC 1 steps 1 to 4
(To better view of the pictures please click on it to enlarge it)
5. You will need to open the TOOLS window and the LAYERS window.  You can shortcut these by pressing F5 for the TOOLS and F7 for the LAYERS window.
6. From the TOOLS Menu select the MAGIC WAND tool and click on your document.  This will highlight your document in a bluish tone, as in PIC 2.  Press the DELETE button.  This should leave your document looking like a checker board of grey and white squares like this.  Seeing the grey and white squares means your image is transparent, so if you were to place it over another image or even print your image onto designer paper, the background would be deleted and you would only print or see the true image. PIC 3

 PIC 2 steps 5 to 6

  PIC 3 steps 5 to 6

7. From the TOOLS Menu select the TEXT tool (the capital LETTER T in the tools window).
8. Click on your document and type what you would like your watermark to display.  Note - You can edit the font type and size from the tool bar along the top of the page (very similar to as you would in Microsoft word).  Use the crosshairs to place your text where you would like it on your document.  Do note though, if you would like to use different fronts or different sized fonts you will need to add each of these differences individually to your document as you cannot change fonts or font sizes or bold italics ect to select sections of your text.  What font, size and style you choose will be the same for all your text.   If you would like to use different fonts, click on the document again and this will start a new TEXT image within your document that you can than re-follow the above directions. 
 PIC 4 steps 7 to 8

 PIC 5 steps 7 to 8

9. Adding an image is optional,  if you don’t want to add an image, skip to step #17 .If you would like to add an image to your watermark; from the FILE MENU select the OPEN tool and select the image you would like to use - in this case I am using The Crafty Pad Designs digital image called Flourish from the Rose and Swirl Flourish set.  I like to make my image transparent and remove all the background while they are in the simplest form (I think it makes it easier for placement on your text document and the end picture clearer).  To make the image transparent, using the MAGIC WAND from the TOOLS menu click on all the white space in the image.  Holding the CTRL button as you click will allow you to highlight several sections of the image at one time if you have multiply white spaces.   
PIC 6 - Step 9

10. Once all your white space is highlighted press the DELETE key.
11. Next we want to go to the EDIT drop down menu and select the SELECT ALL option.  This then highlights the whole image in a bluish tone ready to transfer to your word document.  
12. From the EDIT drop down menu, select COPY. PIC 7
PIC 7 - Step10 to 12

13. Click on your text document in the top right hand corner of the window then from the EDIT drop down menu select PASTE INTO NEW LAYER.  Your image should appear over your text and there should be TWO layers in the LAYERS WINDOW.  If you are prompted by a warning box stating the image being pasted is to big for the canvas size, click the KEEP CANVAS SIZE option.   Use the image resize pixels drag one of the corners of the image inwards and adjust the image to the size you require. 
14. Drag and drop the image to where you would like it placed on your text document.
15. From the LAYERS drop down menu select MERGE LAYER DOWN.  There should only be one layer in the LAYERS WINDOW now. 
PIC 8 - Step13 to 15
PIC 9 - Step13 to 15

16.  Again we want to go to the EDIT drop down menu and select the SELECT ALL option.  This then highlights the whole image in a bluish tone. 
17. From the ADUSTMENTS drop down Menu select INVERT COLORS.  This will transform your text and image all white ready to use as a watermark. 
 PIC 10 - Steps 16 to 17

18.  From the FILE drop down menu select SAVE AS option.
19.  Edit the name your document and save the image as a PNG file type and click OK and your watermark is now finished.
PIC 11 - Steps 18 to 19
20.  To add this watermark to your photo.  Open both your watermark and photo and follow the above steps from 11 to 15 moving your watermark and layering it onto your photo.

I've used the watermark we have just made on this card below featuring The Crafty Pad Designs newly released image Lulu blowing bubbles digital image that is available from HERE.

Happy Crafting Folks!
Leesa aka The Navy Wife


Lynne in NI said...

Thanks Leesa, I've always wondered how to do that! Great step by step instructions, I've had a go and its very easy once you get your head round it!

Kimberly said...

thank you so much....i finally was able to get one made...all in the same font mind you but ok none the if i can do it again...your the