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Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Mid-Week Post - Winner of How Many and also a Ribbon Hair Tie Tutorial

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Thank you all to everyone who played along with our 'Guess How Many' fun. :)
There were some fabulous guesses but no-one got the correct answer.

The amount of Beads in the Paua Shell is........
The closest guess was 217 -
Please contact me using the contact button at the top of the blog and let me know if you would like the coloured or uncoloured version of Lulu. :)

Now for our brilliant RIBBON HAIR TIE TUTORIAL
by our lovely Leesa aka The Navy Wife.

Ribbon Hair Tie Tutorial

Ribbon – In as many colors as you please
Hair tie
Lighter / Candle flame

The How To –

1. Cut your ribbon into 6 inch lengths.  My hair ties are 4.5cm in diameter and I used 30 ribbons strips.  You can always cut more and add more as you go.
2.Once all my strips are cut, I like to take a lighter or candle flame lightly to both ends of the ribbons and singe them so the ribbon does not fray. 
 3. Take one of your 6 inch ribbon strips and tie onto your hair tie.  I tie just a single knot as I find a double knot makes the ribbon to bulky.  With the twisting and turning the hair tie will get being placed in the hair and with little fingers having the desire to touch the ribbon constantly, these actions should be enough to keep the knots tight.
3. Continue tie-ing the ribbon around the hair tie, filling in any gaps.  If you are using more than 1 color of ribbon, co-ordinate your colors as you go.  I usually have one or two spare ribbons left over and just squeeze some ribbons down and find room for the last few.

As you can see below, by making a simple tag to hold the hair tie, you can really turn this into a beautiful gift that any little girl would love to receive. The  Lulu Blowing Bubbles digital image from TheCrafty Pad Designs works well this girly girl project and with the added tag it makes the perfect quick, cheap and easy little birthday gift or even stocking filler!  

 Happy Crafting!
Leesa aka The Navy Wife

xxThe Crafty Pad Teamxx

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Anonymous said...

yay....i'm the winner..Beads in the Paua Shell...

Thank you!!