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Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Mid-week Tutorial - How to make your own Glimmer Mist

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This week we have a fabby tutorial for you 
by The Navy Wife......

How to make your own
Glimmer Mist

Materials you will need –
Shimmer Powder - like Pearl Ex in your preferred color(s)
Clear Alcohol or Methylated spirits or Rubbing Alcohol (preferably unscented)
Colored Alcohol Inks – Optional
Mist spray bottle(s)
Jug – Optional

Additional notesI am fortunate enough to know someone that makes their own spirit alcohols and I acquire my alcohol through them (it is a lot cheaper) and I use this as the base of making my Glimmer Mist.  In the past I have also used Methylated Spirits and while when you first spray it, it does have the Metho smell, that will disappear given 30 minutes or so.   I have also experimented with Rubbing Alcohol and this works well also, though if you use the menthol scented one, a slight hint of the scent will always remain (this is nice for peppermint-y Christmas cards though :)

Personally, I like to mix my glimmer mix directly in the bottle as I have for this tutorial; but I have also provided pictures of the mix in a mixing jug as well so you can see the effect more.  

I find I use my clear shimmer mist the most as many of my cards are a variety of colors and this mix allows me to get that all over shimmer and glow without highlighting a specific color and without adding any color to my project(s).  I am going to show you how to make this first and then how to change the color of it with a few additional steps.

Steps – Remove the lid / mister from your bottle.  Take the wrong end of your teaspoon and take a small amount of shimmer mist (about the size of your pinky finger nail) and place it in the bottle. I use  Pearl White Pearl Ex Powder to make my clear shimmer mist. 

 Now top your bottle up with the clear alcohol, leaving a little room to be able to thoroughly shake the mixture.
Replace the lid/mister and shake vigorously.  You now have your clear shimmer glimmer mist.

This is a sample of what the clear shimmer looks like on a piece of plain white printer paper. The left has been sprayed the right not.

To add color to your clear shimmer mist – There is 2 ways to achieve this. One is with by using a colored shimmer powder, the other is with alcohol ink(s).

Colored Shimmer Powder – You use exactly as the steps above. I find my powders do not have the intensity to make really deep colors but more like subtile hints.  If I am after a colored shimmer mist really deep in color I mix both colored shimmer powder and Alcohol Ink(s).

This is a pic of my baby pink Shimmer made with Duo Red-Blue Pearl Ex Powder, the left has been sprayed with the light baby pink, the right has not.   * note the best picture as it is a baby pink

Using Alcohol Ink(s) – Make up a base mix with clear shimmer powder as above.
Add a few drops of Alcohol ink in your perfered color, the more drops you add the deeper the color will be. 

This is a pic of my Blue Shimmer made with the powder clear mix base and a good few drops of Sapphire Blue Alcohol Ink added.

And this is a spray from my brought Glimmer Mist - Water Slide.  Personally I think my glimmer mist gives more of a shine :$

As alike the normal store brought glimmer mist, shake the bottle well before use as the shimmer powder will settle to the bottom of the bottle when left to stand. 

These are some of the highlight effects you can get with using your glimmer mist.  On the below samples I have used my clear shimmer - Like I mentioned above, it is the one that is the most versatile to all my projects and is constantly being used.  *Forgive the flash but the powder particles reacting with the light is what gives the reflection effect*
 Clear shimmer mist used on the image
(Flower Freebie from The Crafty Pad Designs)
and on the handmade flower.

Clear shimmer mist used on the sentiment 

Thanks for dropping in on me today and I hope you find this tutorial as handy as I do!

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