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Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Tutorial - How to Change the Colour of Your Brads....

 Our mid-week Tutorial is brought to you by our own lovely Leesa - The Navy Wife...:)

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I have a crafty little money saving cheat for you all today.  Some of you may already be aware of how to change the color of your brads with using embossing powder.  But this little technique eliminates a few steps so it’s faster and cheaper, giving you more time to craft and more money to spend and will also stop that nasty bumpy and uneven look you tend to get and leave your brad with a smooth and shiny finish all over.  Would you love to give you brads an extra hit of ‘BLING’ to make them really sparkle and shine?   Bling !... Now I really have your attention!
Embossing gun (heat tool)
Embossing powder
Pliers or tweezers (I would go the pliers as they make the brad easier to hold)
Brads – preferably the uglier the better!
Glitter – optional

Pick up the brad with the pliers and heat it with the embossing gun for a minute.  Remember you are heating metal and it will contain the heat so please be careful.  You need to get the brad as ‘red hot’ as possible ‘so to speak’, as it will not turn ‘red’.

Once you have the brad nice and hot dip it into the embossing powder – just in and straight out – we are dipping, so do not hold it in there.  Note that the smoother and smaller the powder; the better finish your brad will have.
As the brad is metal and contains the heat, the embossing powder should melt on the hot brad and give a smooth shiny finish.  After removing it from the embossing powder give it 30 seconds to melt in front of your eyes!  It will take about 2 minutes to fully set the embossing powder hard and the brad to cool back down.
I used Opals embossing enamel for this tutorial as I wanted a real sexy pink color and this is the only embossing powder I have in the color range I wanted.  Opals enamel is a very ‘grainy’ and course powder so at times it does not completely melt all the embossing powder.  If you find this as well with your powder; take you embossing gun and in small circular motions and a distance of 15 cm from the brad lightly add a touch of heat to the areas that have not melted.  The circular motion and the slight distance will still keep the brad finish smooth.
To make them ‘bling’, shine and really sparkle!  After you have added the embossing powder, heat it again with the heat gun (in small circular motions and about 15cm in distance) for 5 seconds and then dip in glitter!


Allow the brad to cool again – a minute should be fine for the small time it was heated and shake, tap or blow off the excess glitter.  You now have a sexy new brad that shimmers and shines!
 This last stage is really fun to ‘play around’ with and experiment.  If you again add a quick touch of heat with your heat gun you will find your glitter will not only embed into the powder, but it will also change color – the amount varies to the color of your glitter.  I find my pink glitter gets a touch of gold and iridescent flecks as well at the pink through it. 

Another hint – You will often find ‘ugly’ brads in the clearance basket(s) of many craft stores – With this technique those ugly brads can become a treasure worth peaking in the basket(s) for.

Now you’re all set to make something gorgeous with your new glittery brads! Such a simple technique but as you can see on my card here, with a touch of ‘bling’ can add so much more style and difference than a plain old brad! 

Images used available from The Crafty Pad Designs
- Polly with flower, Beach Hut, Molly Cat with Birdhouse, Rainbow Sally

I do hope you have enjoyed my tutorial and have fun creating your own custom brads. :)


Lisa's Stamped Creations said...

Great tutorial. I'll be having a go myself tomorrow. Thanks for the tip.


Lynda said...

Fantastic idea - I'll gieve a go - thanks for the really clear tutorial

Trina said...

Ooh, this seems like a better finish than my streaky Copic-colored brads... Thanks for the tip!

Anonymous said...

Just a quick note to let you know that a link to this post will be placed on CraftCrave today [13 Jul 01:00am GMT]. Thanks, Maria

Anj said...

thats just a brilliant idea - thanks for sharing x

cgl1539 said...

Wow thats so much easier than anything I have tried I cannot wait to change the color of my "ugly" brads!

mueppi said...

Great idea!
Thank you!!!!
Hugs Gisela