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Wednesday, 8 June 2011


Please click HERE for this weeks current challenge - Stripes.

THE CRAFTY PAD DESIGNS are now having a regular SPECIALS offer. There are images for 49p on offer this week. It will run every week starting either Sunday or Monday, so don't forget to go and have a peek. Also, most of the images have been reduced in price, so you get lots more yummyness for your money.

This week, we are going to show you how to resize images using Microsoft Word. Personally, I use Photoshop BUT even if I didn't, I didn't know how to resize in Word, so I've learnt something here and we hope it will be useful for you too. There are more Word tutes to come. Thanks to our lovely Leesa (aka The Navy Wife) for doing these.

How to resize a digital image in Microsoft Word.
1.Insert your picture into your software program – I am using Microsoft Word 2007 and for this tutorial, I am using the verse from The Crafty Pad Designs - Butterfly and Verse set.

2. Place the mouse cursor over the picture and right click. This will bring up a side toolbar as shown in picture 1. Click on the ‘SIZE’ option as red circle highlighted in picture 1.

3. This will then display the formatting toolbox as shown in picture 2. I have red circle highlighted two import aspects to keep in mind at the point.

3.a The top circle is where you change the size of the image. Left mouse ‘click’ in the measurement section and re-enter the size of the image you would like or use the up and down arrow at the end of the box. You can choose to change the height or the width or the image by editing the relevant selection.

3.b. The second important factor to keep in mind is to ensure the ‘Lock Aspect Ratio’ box is ticked (red circle highlighted in picture 2). Having this ticked ensures that your image will be enlarged or reduced as per the proportions of the original image. With this boxed checked you will only need to change one of the size amounts as the other will adjust automatically accordingly to keep the image within its original proportions. Having this box unchecked could result a distorted image.

3. As you can see in picture 3, I need my image to be 7cm high. With the new adjusted size proportions I have now checked my project and it will still comfortably fit width ways on my project. If it did not fit width ways on my project I would then edit the width to the maximum that I can fit; this in turn would lower the height but I know my image would fit comfortably and still look great.

You should now have your image at the size you require for your project and can go and play!

Leesa aka The Navy Wife


Sarah said...

I've been using digis for a little while but have only recently stumbled across the ability to resize this way, I used to drag the 'box' around the image to make images smaller. I now use the % boxes to shrink my images, much better than how I used to do it!

aqualeiga said...

Great tute Leesa, as I don't have Photoshop (or a similar graphics program) I rely on Word as i'm sure others do too, so I just KNOW it will be well-received. Big hugs, Ali x

tracy said...

hi debs
great tut, not sure i have word on my pc, tracy xx