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Sunday, 5 December 2010

Our 100th Challenge, Competition to Celebrate, A fab Tutorial


As a way to say thank you to all the customers of The Crafty Pad Stamp Designs and to all the wonderful challenge entrants we have each week we are going to have a big put
your feet up and enjoy..:)

To celebrate this great event we are going to have a mini competition on each DT members blog and then one BIG competition here at The Crafty Pad. :)
And we have a brilliant Promarker colouring tutorial at the end of this post.

So we hope you will join in with our celebrations and have fun along the way. :)

Pop over to each DT members blog and there you will find out how to win 1 free Crafty Pad Stamp Design digi image of each of their blogs. :) All DT links are in the side bar. :) Good luck. :)

Now for the BIG celebration at The Crafty Pad challenge blog :-

Can you guess how many Ribbons are in this jar???

Rules :
Enter the current Crafty Pad Challenge.
Leave a comment to say how many Ribbons you think there are in this jar.
Please post the 100th badge on your blog.
Become a follower if you are not already.
Only one entry per person.
You can enter all mini competitons on all DT blogs aswell as The Crafty Pad competition.
Competition closes Saturday 11th Dec 8pm GMT

This is what you could win :-

5 Polymer stamps to include :-
Holly Mouse with Bauble
Anna over the Rainbow
 Mollycat with Birdhouse
Platform Shoe
Snoozin' Albert
1 pack of 5 Winter Themed Promarkers - Sponsored by Letraset
£10.00 voucher from Joanna Sheen to spend in her fabby shop. :)

There will be a Runner up Prize (for the nearest guess) of :-
3 Polymer stamps to include :-
Christmas Ted Baubles & Text stamp
Ladies Fancy Boots
Ladies Bonnet

Any entries using my image/stamp whether it be from
Cardmaking Downloads (images under Deborah Moore)
Will be put into a seperate draw and one will be chosen randomly 
for a further 3 digi images of their choice. :)

We also have a SALE on over at 
the sale will run for the one week only that the competition is on.



 We do hope you can join in with us -
we have used various images to bring you a lovely
 selection of inspiration.:)

Lorraine has made a beautiful gift box using Christmas Ted with Snowman image

Maxine has made these beautiful tree hangers using Holly & Harvey Mouse images

Maxine has also made these yummy candy cane gifts using the Snowmen image

Debbie has created this pretty card using Holly & Harvey Mice image

Magdalena has created this lovely card using the Snowmen image.

Pat has created this beautiful gift set using the Holly & Harvey Mice images.

Maria has beautifully altered this tissue box using the Snowmen image.

Anne has created this lovely card using Christmas Ted with Tree image.

Tina has created this lovely card using Holly Mouse image.

Barbara has created this lovely card using Christmas Ted with Snowman image. 


Sal has created this lovely card using Rodney and Robin Merry Christmas image. 

Challenge closes Saturday 8pm GMT

Please do go and visit the personal blogs of the DT ladies
to find out how they created their projects, and to join in 
with their mini challenges too. :)
Links are in the side bar.

All email entries welcome - please email me and I
will post your entry here.


Everybody has their own favourite way of doing things, including colouring with Promarkers. This is how I do it and I hope this tutorial is of some help to you. My card of choice is Personal Impressions ‘Premier Smooth White’. After many disasters and almost throwing my pens in the bin, I found this card and it’s never let me down. I will tell you which pens I used for this image, but of course, whatever image you choose and whatever colours you use, the technique remains the same. Remember too, that your image will dry lighter when it’s finished.

I chose to use Teddy posting his letter from The Crafty Pad Stamp Designs and
I changed the snowflakes to blue in Photoshop.

Step 1. Take your blender pen, and colour the whole area of the parts you want to remain white. Here it’s the top and base of the post box and the letter.

Then take a Tea Green pen and colour all around the edges. Some people use a light grey, but I find the Tea Green gives a paler finish and yet gives the white areas some bite.

Using SMALL, CIRCULAR movements and your blender pen, go over the edges of the Tea Green to erase the hard edges. Add a little extra Tea Green to the ‘corners’ of the snow and blend again. Don’t worry, your card will look a bit damp and speckled, but it will dry smooth.

Step 2. Now, we are going to colour the image using light and shade and hopefully, bring some form to it. Using Gold, colour the info label leaving a strip of white in the centre.

Next, using Pumpkin, colour a stripe down each side.

Then using the Gold again and your small, circular movements, blend the two together.

Add as much Pumpkin as you think you need and blend with each application. When you are happy with that, go over the whole area with the Gold.

You will notice that I have coloured the inside of the letter box. When doing bits where no light would naturally reach, use your dark greys. Personally, I find black too harsh, but that bit is down to you. I used Cool Greys 4 & 5.

Step 3. Using exactly the same technique (two colours) colour his hat and scarf. Remember to add the darker ink and blend where you need some shadow or shape. The more ink you have down, the easier the blending becomes. I used the same Gold and Pumpkin for his scarf and Turquoise and Marine for his hat.

Step 4. Now we are going to colour the bear using 3 colours. A useful tip is that when you have something quite large to do in the same colour but you have sections, do a section at a time. I did the face, arms, legs and finally his body.

Taking your Tan marker, colour his face leaving a patch of white.

Then, take your Caramel marker and colour in around the edges with a little more to the left side.

Using the Tan pen again, blend the edges where the colour meets.

Add more Caramel and blend if you feel you need to.

Then, take your Cocoa pen and again, colour around some edges with more to the left.

Now, blend this using the Caramel pen, but don’t cover all the first layer of ink.


When you are happy with your shading and blending, go over the whole area with the TAN pen.

Colour the rest of the bear in the same way.

Step 5. Now the post box. Our aim here is to make it look rounded.

Starting with a Poppy marker, colour the top of the box leaving your bit of white. Then use a Crimson marker to colour the sides and underneath the snowfall. Blend using Poppy. Add more Crimson and blend again.

Continue in this manner with the rest of the box. Because you are leaving a strip of white, even though the box area is large with no sections, you can do half at a time

Keep adding Crimson and blending so you achieve a real depth of colour and finally go over the whole area with Poppy. Then do exactly the same with the black areas using your dark greys. Start with no. 3 and then 4 and 5.

All that remains now is to ‘ground’ your image. I always use Cool Grey 2 for this and all you need to do is just colour some of the area where your figures/objects are standing. You can be a bit neater than me or cut the image out with a die removing any ‘rough’ edges of colour. You can also add extra highlights if you want to using a white pen. Hopefully, your image has form and your post box looks rounded. (this particular image would better suit a white ground, glitter or flock would be good with just a little shadow under the feet and box - the grey is just to show the effect of grounding).

The finished image ready to mount onto a card or other project.

1. Many people like to texture fur when colouring an animal. I use two different methods to do this.
The first way is to just dot your BLENDER pen around and the second way is to use light sweeping strokes with your BLENDER pen. Easy peasy, isn’t it?

2. How many times do you colour outside the lines? Annoying isn’t it?

Your blender pen comes into use again here.

Using the chisel end (or if a small area within an image, the bullet end) gently ‘push’ the ink with the nib back towards the image using small, light strokes.

The blender pen isn’t actually a blender. What it does is lift colour. Don’t panic, your image might look a mess and you might have to apply the blender more than once.

But, it will dry fine.

So, there you are. I hope you found this tutorial useful.
Looking forward to seeing your wonderful entries. :)

The Crafty Pad Teamxx


Karen McAlpine said...

I think there are 101 ribbons in the jar. Congrats on your 100th celebration! I be back later with my card.

Fiona said...

happy birthday...I think there is 68 ribbons.


rozzy said...

Congrats on your 100th Challenge.. I think there are 100 ribbons in the jar :)
Here's to the next 100 challenges!
Hugs rozzy xx

mueppi said...

Happy birthday!
I thin there are 100 ribbons in the jar!?
Have a great 2. advent!!!

@ Debbie
thank you!
I`ve correctet it!!!!
Hugs Gisela

lalkygirl said...

i think there are 100 ribbons in the jar
happy 100th challenge birthday
tracey x

Dora said...

Wow thank you for the tutorial, I'm always using promarkers so this came in very handy... thanks xx

Cheryl Walker said...

I think there are 99 in the jar :)

thank you for a chance at winning!

Spyder said...

I think there's about....33r ribbons in the jar


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday to the crafty pad!
Wow great projects from the DT!
I love the promarkers tutorial, very useful, thank you.
I'll be back later with my card.
I think there is 75 ribbons in the jar.
Hugs xx

Georgia Ehrmann said...

I think 121 ribbons! Congrats on your anniversary and I loved your tutorial!

JLJ Designs said...

A fabulous celebrations! I guess 71 ribbons.


Hippieaud (aka Audrey) said...

Wow, thanks so much for the BRILLIANT tutorial!! Also, congrats on 100. I guess 38 ribbons.

Sammibug said...

Happy 100th! I think there are 234 ribbons in the jar!

Renlymat's World of Family & Crafts said...

Glad to be a part of your celebration! My guess is that there are 100 ribbons in honor of your challengeversary! Congratulations. It's fun playing along with you!

Anonymous said...

Just a quick note to let you know that a link to this post will be placed on CraftCrave today [06 Dec 01:00am GMT]. Thanks, Maria

rozzy said...

I thought I had entered Debbie…. don't know happened to my post, it was the frost one….
anyway….. I'd like to say a BIG Congratulations to you all on 100 fantastic challenges.
I think there are 100 Ribbons in the jar :)
Love and hugs to you all
rozzy xx (((hugs)))

ribenaruby said...

Congratulations on a big milestone! My guess is 120 ribbons, will be hopping over to all the dt blogs now my card is up. Mnay thanks for some lovely creations and ideas. Ruby x

darling Ho said...

I guess there are 100 ribbons in the jar.
Congratulations for 100th celebration.:)

Tammylee said...

I thik I will go with the number 84 for the amount of ribbons! No one has chosen that!



tiggertastic said...

i am going to say 58 :)

Lia said...

I'm going to say there are 125 ribbon in the jar
hugs lia

Vixx handmade cards said...

Well I think there are 100 ribbons in the jar and congrats on your
100th Celebration! woohoooooooo
Hugs Vicky xx

Dawn said...

I think there is 79 ribbons. Congrats sweetie

Debra said...

I think there are 100 ribbons in the jar! I am already a follower and I entered my project! Thanks for letting me play!

Mary said...

I think that there are 78 ribbons in the jar.

Lorianna said...

Thanks so much for the chance to win FAB!!! Candy

I think there is 97 ribbons

Scrappy Scatty said...

Big Congrats on 100th challenge - I think there are 100 Ribbons in the jar

Peggy said...

Happy Birthday!! I'm guessing 78 ribbons.

Gaynor said...

Hi, I think there are 87 ribbons in the jar, I have become a follower and put your badge on my blog, many thanks.

Kym's Crafty Cards said...

What an achievement of 100 challenges. Thank you for the lovely Blog Hop celebrations. I also think there are 100 ribbons in the jar to celebrate 100 challenges. Best wishes, Kym xxx

PS I am a follower and have now put the 100th challenge celebration badge on my blog. Could you please delete any duplicate entries Debbie, just leaving one entry so I can be considered for the prize if I am lucky to guess right - I doubt it as I am useless at guessing things. Thanks. Kym xxx

anne said...

I guess we all have the same idea... i was going to say 100 ribbons in the jar... but i will say 75-that is my final answer..75.

aqualeiga said...

Congrats on the 100th challenge celebration: my guess is 47 ribbons. Hugs from Ali x


Alison (Groovycrafter) said...

Have done all the rules....
Nowwwwwwwwwww i think there is 95 ribbons in the jar.
Thank you for the chance to enter.
Hugs Alison

Rosalee said...

Congrats on the 100th Challenge. Great way to celebrate, love your stamps.
My guess is 77. My favorite number twice.
Thanks for the great chance

Shelley said...

Happy 100th Challenge, I have now linked the badge and I think there is 69 ribbons in the jar.

Hugs Shelley xx

Ardilla said...

Congrats for the 100!!!
I think there is 45 ribbons in the jar.
Sorry, my thumblink duplicated and don´t know how to erase one of them...


Made by Mandy said...

Congratulations on reaching 100 challenges.

My guess for the ribbon jar is 82

Pattie G said...

Hello, I forgot to add my guess here so I am doing that now. I guess that there are 101 ribbons in the jar.
Love all your inspirations!!!

Pattie G ♥

Jenni said...

Thanks for your comment Debs and for pointing out that i'd neglected to enter my guess and display the badge (now rectified!!). My guess is that there are exactly 100 ribbons in the jar.
Jenni x

Paddington fan said...

Congrats on your 100th challenge and fab inspiration from the DT!! I think there are 102 ribbons in the jar !! Love Jacky x
P.S. Off to hop now, have your badge on my sidebar!!

Craftyanny said...

Congrats on your 100th challenge. Gorgeous creations from the DT too.
I'll guess at 107 ribbons in the jar
Anne x

Marg said...

Thanks for the reminder of the rules Debbie! I thinks there are 59ribbons in the jar.

Davi said...

Congrats on 100th...great tutorial! My guess is 21 ribbons.

Debs said...

Huge Congrats on you 100th Challenge and 100 more to come. I think there are 50 ribbons in the jar
I look forward to entering for more challenges

Jackie said...

that looks to me like 80 pieces of ribbon, wild guess of course.

Julye said...

Congrats on your centenary, and I think there will be 100 ribbons in the jar or is that just wishful thinking?

Tanya R said...


Congrats on your 100th challenge. I am guessing 38 ribbons in the jar.


Cheryl said...

I will guess 121 ribbons!

Happy Birthday!

Tini said...

Congratulation to the 100th! happy birthday :).
I think there is 76 ribbons in the jar!

denny said...

congrats on your 100th celerbration im goin to go for 111 ribbons in the jar ops i made a mistake in posting my card i ment to put my name denny lol sorry lol xxxxxxx

Martha said...

Thanks for the chance to win some yummy candy. And a huge YIPPEE! for your 100th challenge. I looked at all the guesses and 100 seems to be the favorite. I never go with the favorite, so will guess "55" (fifty five).

I will post my project tomorrow and add your blinkie to my blog.

Happy Holidays to all, Martha

Martha said...

Thanks for the chance to win some yummy candy. And a huge YIPPEE! for your 100th challenge. I looked at all the guesses and 100 seems to be the favorite. I never go with the favorite, so will guess "55" (fifty five).

I will post my project tomorrow and add your blinkie to my blog.

Happy Holidays to all, Martha

theCook said...

I'd say there are 77 ribbons in the jar...

Angella D. Crockett said...

Congrats! Love your challenges each week!!! My guess is 53 ribbons. Thanks and God Bless!

Anonymous said...

I bet there are 200 ribbon in the jar:)

Crafteezee said...

Happy Birthday, I'm gonna say 110. Hugs Tracy x

Katie said...

Great challenge!
I say there are 76 ribbons in the jar.

Sandra P said...

Congrats on 100!

ummm....My guess is 74 :)

Sandra P

Linda w said...

Thanks Debbie for giving me a nudge, hadn't realised everything was part of the challenge..brain cell was off looking for a friend, it got tired of being lonely lol. I think there are 100 ribbons, congrats on your 100th challenge. thanks for the great tutorial, the inspirational projects and a very interesting challenge. Hugs lin

Frea said...

Just placed my Christmas tea box and I would think there are 82 ribbons in the jar, I think .... LOL ! Greetz, Frea

Mayjasper said...

178 ribbons I think :0

KC said...

I think there are 300 ribbons in the jar.

dj1952 said...

Congratulations on 100 challenges. You're doing a great job. Love the cards by the DT. Hugs, dj1952

Moshie said...

Congrats on your 100th challenge!!! I was also going to say 100 ribbons in honor of the challenge celebration but too many others have. lol So my guess will be 183. Hope to be here for the nest 100 with you all!
hugs, Moshie

Priyanka said...

many many congrats at first, thanks for all this fab prizes, I think 28 ribbon on this Jar,so happy Birthday.

sharon said...

Congratulations on your 100th challenge. My guess is 41 ribbons. Sharon x

Cec said...

Congrats on celebrating 100 challenges. I am going to say that there are 65 ribbons.

Janice M said...

Congrats on 100 Challenges!! I'm going to guess 88 ribbons are in the jar!

Donna said...

my guess is that there is 110 ribbons in the jar. Congrats on reaching 100 challenges.

sandra's crafty corner said...

happy 100th challenge to the crafty pad, i was also gonna guess at 100 ribbons in honour but as lots have said that im going with 112 ribbons in the jar
hugs sandra xxx

Lisa said...

congrats my guess is there are 100

Linda said...

Congrats on your 100th celebration!!
I think there are 68 ribbons in the jar.

Seongsook Duncan said...

Congratulations and thanks very much for the challenge. My guess is 100 ribbons in the jar.