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Saturday, 19 June 2010

Using Digital Image to Decorate a Candle

This is my Tutorial for decorating a candle using a Digital Image and Tissue Tranfer Method

You will need :-

Church Candle (the firmer the candle wax the better)
Heat Gun
A4 Copy Paper
White Tissue Paper
Greaseproof Paper
Digital Image
Colouring medium if you are not colouring image on your pc

1.  Choose the digital image you wish to use - I have used the CupCake Collection
from The Crafty Pad Stamp Designs.

2.  Size the image to your needs.  Colour your image using your
paint/photographic programme at this stage. My were coloured on my pc.

3.  Using your white tissue paper cut a sheet of it smaller than your A4 copy paper -
allow enough area around the tissue paper to use the sellotape.  You may have to experiment
how much of a border you need to leave between the sellotape and the edge of the copy paper,
this will depend on your printer.
See the photo below - this works great for my Epsom DX4450.
4. Arrange your images on your pc so that they will print onto the tissue paper - taking care
that it does not print on to the sellotape. If you did not colour on the pc, print your images then
colour.  You can use any colouring medium, but be very careful not to over wet the image
or the tissue paper will tear.

5. Cut your images out allowing a very small edge around the image.  I find it easier to cut
my images out whilst the tissue paper is still adhered to the copy paper.

6. Now lay your image onto the candle (you can use a little bit of gluestick to hold your
image in place if you wish).  Now use your greaseproof paper to wrap around the candle tightly
and hold at the back.

7. Heat your image through the greaseproof paper.  Keep moving your heatgun around the image,
do not hold in the one place - your candle will melt!  Again this will depend on the heat gun
you have - some are more fierce than others.  You will notice that the image will change colour
slightly, when this happens remove heat and the greaseproof paper.

8.  Follow step 7 for any additional images you are using.

9.  That is it - one decorated candle.  Just add further embellishments, ribbon, glossy accents etc.
I used Glossy Accents on my cherries, glitter on the cupcake, small adhesive pearl added to my 'Sweet' text
and ribbon to finish.

This makes an excellent gift, use a christmas image for the festive season etc.
You could also wrap the candle in clear cellophane (available from florists) and tie with
co-ordinating ribbon and add a small tag using the same image. :)

I did enjoy making this tutorial and I do hope you find it easy to follow and that
you enjoy decorating your candles. :) :)
Please let me know when you make yours - I would love to see them. :)

Have Fun
Debbie  ..:) :)


Paddington fan said...

Thanks for a great tutorial debbie, will have to give it a go sometime! Love Jacky x

pinky said...

Debbie that is so brilliant, never saw it done with a digi stamp before. I love it.
Thanks very much.

Heidi said...

Luv this! I wasn't sure if this could be done or not!
I am excited to give this a try!