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Saturday, 12 December 2009

'Wall Plaque' Tutorial - recycled Pizza base by Suzi

My wall Plaque was made using a saved 10" pizza base which you will find on most supermarket bought pizzas, It would be best if it was the polystyrene type base, its lighter and easy to work with.

1. I use some light sticky tape to position the base on my mat (stop it sliding around)
     Measure 5cm from centre top and draw a line across.

Do the same from the bottom, you now have two lines across the base, you can use scissors or craft knife or guillotine to cut off the excess. You are left with a nice shape to work don't throw the excess away - there are lots of things you can do with it. I use it for tags, mounting sentiments etc if I need a raised effect.

2. At this stage I've used A4 card (you can use paper if you prefer) and double sided tape to adhere the card to the base, just cut around with scissors, decorate as required, but before adding anything that is too raised turn the base over and add your ribbon for hanging.

3. Once decorated cover the back with card or paper to cover brad's ribbons etc. cut round the shape and hey presto you have your wall plaque.

Hope my little tutorial makes sense to you. I promise it's a simple project but it cost's next to nothing and looks so pretty when finished.

Enjoy Crafting

Suzi xx

Please let us know what you think of this tutorial
and how easy is it to follow. ;)

xxThe Crafty Pad Teamxx


Anonymous said...

I like it and it looks easy. Thank you for this tutorial!
Hugs xx

Lilacanglia said...

This is fantastic,
I have a couple of these pizza bases here, kept wondering how to use them instead of throwing them,
Will try as soon as I get 5 mins
Thanks for sharing

tracy said...

wow might give this a whirl, trouble is i make my own pizzas so dont have polystyrene pizza bases, dont think girls would be chuffed if i used my metal one lol

jude said...

Suzi thats fab the times ive thrown them away !!Nest time i shal;l save and have ago thanks hun
hugs jude:)