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Sunday, 6 December 2009


Our very own lovely Maxine has made a picture tutorial for an 'Easel' card - now you can follow it step by step with written and pictorial instructions. :) :)

I am sure you will find that Maxine's instructions are easy and clear to follow :)

I will surely be making  one of these - it will be my first...Thank you Maxine. :)

I have used :-

White card stock size 5" x 11" for the base of the card

White card stock size 5" x 5.5" for the front of the card

Percy Sledging Stamp - from The Crafty Pad Stamp Designs
Backing papers

And embellishments.

You can make easel cards in different sizes.

1. Take your base card and fold it in half.

2. Fold one side in half again.

3. Colour your image and make the front of your card using your backing papers
and embellishments.

4. Decorate the base card, using backing papers and embellishments.

5. Add brads to your base, these will hold your card in place when it is standing up.

Now you have a gorgeous 'Easel' card. :)

We hope you have found this tutorial helpful and easy to follow. :)

Here is also a link to make up some labels to show the recipient  how to stand their card. :)

Please let us know if you use this tutorial so we can come and see your creation. :)

Happy Crafting


Elise said...

well, as a complete novice, I loved this ! Thank you so much and have a great week

andrea said...

great tutorial maxine,straight forward and easy to follow

tracy said...

this is great, i intend making one of these easel cards sometime this week, thank you ladies

Lori said...

Thank you for this photo tutorial - it was helpful! I plan to make one soon!
Love and hugs ~ Lori

Spyder said...

Thank you for this! I need picture, words just confussssed me! I can now have a go!!

jude said...

Great tutorial Maxine ,Simple & Great to follow for those who have never made an easel card and are learning!

Spyder said...

I've made one! Really happy with it! Thank you for your easy how to do pictures!!!

Fotf said...

Thanks for this tut, this evening after two previous attempts i succeeded in my first proper easel card :) plenty more to follow.

Hilly's Crafts said...

Hi thanks for the instructions with pictures it makes more sense on how to make the easel card xxx Hilly xxx

Sue Boni said...

I've been trying to make an esael card all afternoon, following a book discription and getting no-where. I turned to the net in dispare! Thank you!!!

Monica said...

Thanks so much for the easy instructions with pics.
Monica xxx